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Excellence Breeds Influence

Victor Stekly


Our Inspiration

In 2017, Sportskred’s founder Victor, an engineer and cyclist, was competing in the UCI Amateur World Championship. His competitors were athletes he followed on social media. As well as being inspired through their skill, commitment and personality, they also influenced the equipment he used, his training schedules, even his interests beyond sport. Athletes have built up a trusted and often reciprocal relationship with their followers on social media - nearly always surpassing the social media of clubs in both size and engagement. When athletes do social media - it’s social, when clubs do social media - it’s corporate.

For rights holders and athletes, combining their social media into one overall asset creates an entirely new revenue stream for both of them, while giving sponsors access to a large community of fans. Many clubs, federation, athletes and their agents don’t have the time or the tools at their disposal to successfully monetise their social media. So we built Sportskred. It’s the Operating System for Social Media Marketing and Sponsorship.

We want to challenge the notion of what social media sponsorship for sports can be. What drives me, is to make social media sponsorship work for everyone in sport.

Effective Is The New Disruptive

Sportskred is a technology business on a mission to make social media sponsorship more effective.

We give athletes, agents and rights holders the tools and connections to earn money from their social media. We give brands the tools to creatively and profitably sponsor multiple athletes across social media.

By simplifying every part of the process, more athletes and clubs will earn much needed funding, while brands enjoy the significant benefits of their social media influence.

Our connection with sport is changing. Are you ready?

A team of techies, sponsorship specialists, digital media experts and agents.

Victor Stekly


Neil Stephens

Chief Marketing Officer

Jerome Charvet

Chief Technical Officer

Chris Gomez

USA Country Director

Javier Guerrero

Spain/Portugal/Brazil Country Director

JP Kemp

UK Country Director

Bob Hillen

Holland and Benelux Country Director

Birgit Ballhause

Germany Country Director

Vicky Cheng

Global Director, eSports

Umberto Luciani

Italy Country Director

Frank Persyn

Business Partner

Darren Hayden

Business Partnerships Manager

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