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Sportskred adds TikTok

Sportskred are adding TikTok to the range of options available to sponsors. 

With around 800 million MAU (monthly average users) worldwide there is some serious competition to Facebook’s dominance for our social attention. More choice can only be a good thing. 

So why are we adding this now?

Well, as a fast growing tech business, with a development roadmap as long as a list of lockdown box sets, we have to be very selective about where and how we invest our resources. So, even though we have been asked this question repeatedly by our customers, the uncertainty around the long-term future of the channel meant we held back the full implementation. 

However, macro factors notwithstanding, the shift towards TikTok is picking up pace – boosted in no small part by the pandemic. 

Looking at the premiership, Liverpool lead the way comfortably with 3.4m users, while this number is still dwarfed by the 28.7m that follow them on Instagram, the trajectory is rapid.

While early adoption is great, the savvier athletes and rights holders need to think longer term about their social media sponsorship portfolio, and TikTok is already an invaluable part of this. 

TikTok has that thing that Facebook used to have before your mum and dad joined it – it is cool. In the US, while only 9% of internet users have used TikTok, this number jumps to 49% for teens. 

The demographics are obviously key to this. TikTok skews young, and sponsors and clubs are always looking for the next generation of fans. Now is very much the time for clubs and athletes to put TikTok in their sponsorship portfolio. 

This is a clarion call to clubs, federations and athletes. TikTok is here to stay, and as such a visual medium, is absolutely made for sport. 

By adding TikTok to Sportskred, social media sponsorship’s operating system, the business of TikTok sponsorship is made simple to deploy at scale, so all your time can be applied to creativity. 

So if you’re serious about TikTok as a marketing or sponsorship asset, then get in touch with your local Sportskred team and let the good times Tik (and Tok).

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