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Simplifying Social Media Sponsorship

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Why We Built Sportskred

Social media is the new frontier of sports sponsorship.

Fans stay connected to the athletes they worship and the teams they love. After all, the reason sport inspires is as much about the individual as the game itself. Social media is that connection. It’s always on. And it’s just getting started.

Whoever you are in sport, Sportskred makes social media truly valuable.

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What do we do?

We give athletes, agents and rights holders the tools and connections to earn money from their social media.

We give brands the tools to creatively and profitably sponsor multiple athletes across social media.

So more athletes and clubs will earn much needed funding while brands enjoy the significant benefits of their social media influence.

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How do we do it?

We built technology that gives everyone involved in sport the tools to make social media sponsorship more effective and more profitable.

Sportskred has been built with the individual needs of athletes, brands, rights holders, agents and agencies in mind.

Whether monetising your social media or connecting with fans, Sportskred makes social media sponsorship a tap in.

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Monetising social for athletes, clubs and NGBs
Giving brands the power of sporting influence

Why Join Sportskred?

Sports sponsorship is evolving quickly and we’ll help you move with it. Sportskred prepares you for tomorrow while giving you more time and generating more revenue today.

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Sportskred has been tailored to benefit every stakeholder in sports sponsorship. If you have any questions or would like to see how Sportskred can work for you, contact our friendly team.

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